Getting Started with EVO

Getting Started with Evo Certification Course

Description: The Getting Started with Evo Course and Kit is designed for aspiring nail stylists looking to start a new career in the nail industry. The course provides a comprehensive and detailed Educator-led training program that prepares the student to work as a nail technician independently or in a salon/spa setting. The course covers theory and practical information to ensure correct application procedures are followed for the application of polish (GEMINI) and gel polish (Evo) manicures. Topics covered in this course include nail anatomy, nail diseases and disorders, precautions, salon safety and hygiene, product knowledge, nail preparation and nail shaping, polish and gel polish application, creating sculpted nail enhancements, nail repairs with silk, removal, marketing and retailing and brand ethics.

Successful completion of the Getting Started with Evo Course will allow access to purchase Ethos, Gemini and Evo products and accessories.

Available additional courses: BioGel Certification Course, Spa Pedicure Course, Advanced Sculpting, Nail Art

The course is divided into two learning modules:

Module I: This module consists of 3 days of in-class theory and practical instruction (in-person or virtual classroom) lead by a Bio Sculpture educator. The student will learn and practice the correct techniques for polish and gel polish application.

Module II: This module consists of at home practice and an online quiz. The student is required to complete 5 polish manicures and 9 Evo applications and submit photographs for assessment.


      • Training Manual
      • 3 days of training with a Bio Sculpture Educator
      • Kit, Curing Lamp and supplies


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