MEDIHAND Illuminating Nail Cleanser 80ml

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Do you suffer from discoloured nails? The Elim MediHand Illuminating Nail Cleanser is a nail whitener that brightens your nails for a natural french manicured look. It is aimed at achieving younger looking hands and nails through a new modern approach. The ingredients listing includes Vit C and natures very own nail whitener, Papain enzymes. Just like applying toothpaste to a toothbrush, you can now apply your Illuminating Nail Cleanser to your nailbrush and give your nails a daily scrub for cleaner, healthier and stronger nails.


The Illuminating Nail Cleanser is unique in its approach. It is the only paste application for daily use and combats the discolouration and bacterial infections that goes with continued gel or varnish applications

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