BIOGEL Professional Starter Kit

The Professional Starter Kit is recommended when taking the Gel Certification Course. It provides products, tools, buffers, files and marketing materials.



4.5g Base Gel

4.5g Soft Gel

4.5g Hard Gel

4.5g Free Edge Gel

4.5g Gloss Gel

4.5g #1 French White

4.5g #68 Rose

4.5g #30 Triginta

Nail Cleanse

Gel Remover

Polish Remover

Ethos Almond Oil 

Ethos Cuticle Remover

Ethos Volcanic Base

Ethos Vitamin Dose

Bio Lint Free Wipe (200)

Bio Easy Fit Forms (20)

Silk Strip

#4 Premium Synthetic Brush

#6 Premium Synthetic Brush

s/s Metal Pick

s/s Gel Stirrer

s/s Cuticle Pusher

s/s Fabric Scissors

File Sampler

Bio Client Pamphlets 



Recommended curing lamp: Spectra Multi LED

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