Bio Sculpture Starter Bundle - Professional

Get your hands on the hottest nail trends of the season!

Bio Sculpture has been a leader in the nail industry for over 35 years. Bio Sculpture manicures are often seen adorning the nails of celebrities whether it is for their nuptials, film or concert appearances.

Bio Sculpture is suitable for everyone! Every Bio Sculpture or Evo Gel manicure is tailored to your client’s nail type and lifestyle. Bio Sculpture products help to improve the health of the natural nail and our products can shape, lengthen, and reinforce nails. With 3+ week wear and over 400 carefully curated shades to choose from it is easy to see why it is the gel of choice for those in the know! It is vegan, cruelty-free and contains no dehydrators, primers or bonders. 

Start your journey with Bio Sculpture and Evo order your starter kit today! Watch this quick how-to video to learn more about our system!

Steps to becoming a Bio Sculpture Certified Nail Stylist:

1) Select the Starter Bundle suiting your needs: Choose from Getting Started Bundles, the Bio+Evo Starter Bundle, the Bio Starter Bundle, or the Evo Starter Bundle.

2) Buy the course suitable to your situation: We offer Getting Started Career Courses for Beginners (no previous experience in the beauty industry), or Bio Certification Courses (previous training, but want to learn the Bio Sculpture system)

The Bio Sculpture Professional Starter Kit includes:

Treatment Gels: Base Gel 4.5g, Soft Gel 4.5g, Apex Gel 4.5g, Gloss Gel 4.5g, Free Edge Gel 4.5g, #1 French White, #68 Rose, #30 Triginta (or similar red colours)

Ethos Treatments: Almond Oil, Volcanic Base, Vitamin Dose, Cuticle Remover

Solutions: Nail Cleanse 125ml, Gel Remover 125ml

Tools & Accessories: Premium Synthetic Gel Brush #4 Flat, Premium Synthetic Gel Brush #6 Round, S/S Gel Stirrer, Metal Pick, Fabric Scissors, Pusher Extra, Nail Wipe (200), Silk Strip, Black File 180/120, Zebra File 180/120, Gold FIle 150/220, Green Buffer 180/220.

Marketing Material: Client Pamphlets (24), Poster.

***Please note that the Ultra Curing Lamp is not included and should be purchased separately.  For best pricing add a 6-pack or 12-pack of colours to the order.

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