Preempt Spa Intro Kit

Spa Intro Kit for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and sterilizing professional tools
Kit includes:
1 x Small Soaker and product sticker
1 x 1L PREempt RTU with Trigger Sprayer and Tent Card
1 x 1L PREempt CS20
1 x PREempt Spa Brochure
Economical: 14 Day Re-use for CS20
PREempt RTU: 30 second broad-spectrum sanitizer, 3 minute bactericide, general virucide, tuberculocide and fungicide
CS20: 20 minute sporicidal
Hospital Grade: Health Canada compliant, Suitable for hard plastics and hard metal implements
Environmentally Friendly: The most environmentally responsible product of its kind on the market

*Purchase is subject to verification that the purchaser is in the beauty industry.

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