Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves (Black)


Eco-responsible nitrile gloves that biodegrade within 1 - 5 years, without leaving behind harmful particles. They are virus protected and suitable for health care workers and beauty care services. To put this into context, regular nitrile gloves take 100+ years to degrade while leaving behind harmful particles. 


• Animal derivative free 

• 100% nitrile with organic compound additive 

• 0.10mm / 4-mil thick 

• 240mm / 9.5 inches long 

• Zero natural rubber latex proteins 

• Powder free 

• Rolled cuff 

• Available in Small, Medium and Large. Sizes XS to XL available upon request

• 100 gloves/box


• Performs same as regular nitrile disposable gloves 

• 100% biodegradable 

• Decreased risk of allergies 

• High performance of protection 

• Second-skin fit & feel 

Biodegradability: Our gloves are made of a mixture of nitrile and organic material that our manufacturer blends together which is why they perform the same way regular nitrile gloves do while still holding the capacity to degrade quickly. 

The organic compound additive attracts micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi etc) that literally consume the glove material. Once this process is complete the only thing left behind is H20, CO2 and methane. Our manufacturing partners also conducted studies on how this process affects soil and plants that are exposed to this and found that it has no detrimental effects on their germination or growth patterns. 


Eco: ASTM D5526, ASTM D5511 & ASTM E1963 

Tested under high-solids anaerobic digestion conditions by ASTMD5511 (aka this is a true landfill test with the product surrounded by buried garbage). 

Virus/Bacteria/Fungi: EN ISO 374-5:2016 

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