Loulou Shampoo Bar - Normal Hair (Lemongrass)

This mild and moisturizing shampoo will keep your hair shiny and beautiful. Shampoo contains chamomile extract that has softening, moisturizing and skin- relaxing effect. Beauty vitamins (provitamin B5 or D-panthenol) increase hair elasticity. Cacao butter softens and moisturizes hair and head skin. 
One single 2 oz bar is Good for up to 80 washes. Other shampoo bars include:
  1. Normal Hair (Lemongrass)
  2. Oily Hair (Cranberry)
  3. Dry Hair (Calendula)
  4. Sensitive Scalp (Strawberry)
  5. Shampoo for Men (Chamomile)
  6. Conditioner (Avocado)

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